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About Lotus Bloom Bakery

Lotus Bloom Bakery started in 2012 when I, a single mom taught myself how to decorate cakes. I was baking off and on until 2017 when I enrolled to earn an Associates in Baking and Pastries. While enrolled my school abruptly closed and jump started my career in January 2019. I began at Hotel Bennett in downtown Charleston, SC and had the honor of being mentored by the world renowned pastry chef, Remy Funfrock. During my time at Hotel Bennett I was taught classical French pastry and was able to enhance my wedding cake portfolio. Now back home in Washington I'm eager to build with my community and continue my passion for baking and creating.

"Everyone loves the person who shows up with cake."


About The Chef

Hello! I'm Kailie, I am currently raising three boys while also being a cake creator and pastry chef based out of Graham, Washington. I get a lot of inspiration from my own mom who held many dessert-oriented careers during my childhood as well as being a talented home baker. I grew up in the PNW and after spending a few years on the east coast, I am back and ready to serve my community with beautiful cakes and desserts. I specialize in custom design cakes, royal icing cookies as well as wedding cakes, but I can bring all of your sweet dreams to reality! I truly enjoy connecting with my clients and being able to create something that you will never forget.


Get in Touch

Interested in getting a quote, learning more about me, or booking for your next event? Feel free to reach out anytime, I would be more than happy to chat!


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